College of Music & Arts


“Non oppidum sed urbem 
non urben sed orbem!” 

(Not a hamlet but a city, 
not a city but a world) 

Statement made by Pope Innocent X, brother-in-law of Princess Donna Olimpia Maiadalchini-Pamphilj upon his first visit to the historical hamlet, commissioned by Olimpiaand devised by Borromini. Built in the XVII century, San Martino is an unique work of art which also involved architects like Bernini, Vignola, Rossi, and painters like Poussin, Caracci brothers, Domenichino, Preti, Raffaello. Built around an XI century early French Gothic Abbey (AbbaziaCistercense) and a monastery (restructured to become the Doria-Pamphilj Palace), the hamlet represents the only "modern hamlet" ever built upon "Borromini's Dream" model of an ideal modern city and cultural center. 

Upon this figure and location, which set one of the most innovative models of architecture and society of its time, we are setting out this College, aiming to bring forth amajor cultural innovation.